New Glassware for Google Glasses

  • battery

    Battery Checker

    • A simple Glassware that shows the current battery level of Glass. Just say “ok glass, check the battery”! Comments and Reviews

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  • sham


    • Shazam on Google Glass recognizes the music playing around you. To get started just say “ok glass, recognize this” and in seconds you’ll know the name of

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  • play1

    Google Play Music

    • With Google Play Music glassware for Google Glass you can request songs, artists, playlists and albums with the ‘listen to’ voice command.

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  • pandora-glassware

    Pandora® Internet Radio

    • Great music discovery is effortless and free with Pandora® Internet Radio on Google Glass. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs,

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  • screen_start

    Chess for Glass

    • Chess for Google Glass is Glassware that runs directly on your Glass device. You can enter moves by simply saying the moves, or by using the touch pad.

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  • sky-shooting

    Sky Shooting

    • Want some fun in your Glass™ wherever you are? Discover the new addictive shooting game where each session will call for another. Practice your skeet

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  • glass4-900

    Layar for Google Glass

    • By just saying “Ok Glass, scan this,” users can easily experience any of the platform’s over 200,000 Interactive Print pages and 6,000 location-based Geo

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  • 20131101_155831_326_x-1024x576

    CityViewAR for Glass

    • CityViewAR for Google Glass is a Augmented Reality application that allows people to see how the city was before the earthquakes and building demolitions.

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