New Glassware for Google Glasses

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    Oculus Rift - Game
    • This is a simple game where you capture cubes that surround your opponents cubes. I’d suggest reading the Othello rules, it’s basically the

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    3 G.M.H.

    Oculus Rift - Game
    • A point and click puzzle mixed with a little Action/Adventure. 3 party setup, each containing individual inventory. Find and use items to pass obstacles

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    GE Gas Turbines

    Oculus Rift - Experience
    • GE’s Creator-in-Residence Sally LePage tours the world’s largest gas turbine manufacturing facility, and gets up close with the 9HA gas turbine at GE Power

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    360 Time Travelers - Chapter 2 - Samurai

    Oculus Rift - Experience
    • Travel to the ancient Japan into a time machine, enjoy the beautiful landscapes and feel like a Samurai. Also enjoy the chapter I, a time travel to a

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    A380 VR Cabin Demo

    Oculus Rift - Game
    • VR A380 Cabin Demo is a virtual reality simulation that lets you experience the feeling of being inside a cabin class. The experience begins with a

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    Oculus Rift - Game
    • [08:46] is a narrative driven experience which makes you embody an office worker in the North Tower of the World Trade Center during the 9/11 events,

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  • vr-faceball


    Oculus Rift - Game
    • VRFaceball is 2 minutes of increasingly intense batting practice where the bat is attached to your face. Spacebar to Start Game. Left Shift to Restart.

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    Google Glass - App
    • AmKitchen is a voice and head gesture controlled recipe Glassware with images and videos. Other recipes are coming soon. Let’s cook healthy Japanese food!

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    Canal Cocina for Glass

    Google Glass - App
    • Official Glassware from the popular TV channel “Canal Cocina.” Michelin-star chefs share their best recipes with Glass users with step by step

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    Whisbi ShowRoom

    Google Glass - App
    • Whisbi ShowRoom is an omni-channel Glassware that lets you ‘teleport’ your online customers to physical stores or any place where your products are in less

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