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New Glassware for Google Glasses

  • livecamtracker

    Live Cam Tracker

    • Live Cam Tracker helps you keep track of events most important to you. Be at different places at the same time – attend a conference while monitoring an

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  • Tesco-Groceries

    Tesco Groceries

    • Tesco grocery Glassware lets you browse, view nutritional information, and add items to your shopping basket hands-free. A great companion to the Tesco

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  • evercam


    • An Evercam integration that help you explore CCTV cameras nearby. It will show a snapshot of the nearest camera when requested. * Evercam uses Location

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  • bestparking_tile_color_640x360


    • BestParking steers you toward the cheapest and most convenient parking garages and lots in 105 cities & 115 airports throughout North America. Save

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  • mab

    Mab Experience

    • Mab Experience is a Glassware dedicated to the MAB, Bilotti Open Air Museum (Museo all’Aperto Bilotti) established in the center of Cosenza, a city in

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  • canal

    Canal Cocina for Google Glass™

    • Official Glassware from the popular TV channel “Canal Cocina.” Michelin-star chefs share their best recipes with Google Glass users with step

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  • hud

    HUD for Google Glass™

    • Designed by a pilot, HUD for Google Glass, immerses you in a true aeronaut’s experience. It displays altitude, speed, aircraft heading, pitch and

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  • Find-my-Car

    Find My Car for Google Glass™

    • With Find My Car for Google Glass™, you can quickly save the location of your car by saying, “Ok glass, remember where I am”. After you add a

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  • speech

    Speech Helper

    • Speech Helper provides the user with an effective way to deliver a seamless speech. Users can upload speeches and view slide notes on Google Glass while

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  • color

    Color Detector

    • Simple Glassware that shows you the color of what’s in front of you. It shows the name of the color and its hex code, and if you want to pause just tap the

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