New Glassware for Google Glasses

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    Canal Cocina for Glass

    • Official Glassware from the popular TV channel “Canal Cocina.” Michelin-star chefs share their best recipes with Glass users with step by step

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    Whisbi ShowRoom

    • Whisbi ShowRoom is an omni-channel Glassware that lets you ‘teleport’ your online customers to physical stores or any place where your products are in less

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  • droidAtScreen-30


    • GlassGaze is a client for the open source Haytham gaze tracker . This app allows you to do eye tracking and gaze tracking on Google Glass. It allows the

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  • Nativo


    • Explore your surroundings through Google Glass. Check out the local vicinity with Nativo and filter places by categories such as ATMs, pharmacies, stores,

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  • fessenger


    • Finally, you can send, receive and reply to Facebook messages on Google Glass with Fessenger. No more hassle to pull your phone out of your pocket. Use

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  • livecamtracker

    Live Cam Tracker

    • Live Cam Tracker helps you keep track of events most important to you. Be at different places at the same time – attend a conference while monitoring an

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  • Tesco-Groceries

    Tesco Groceries

    • Tesco grocery Glassware lets you browse, view nutritional information, and add items to your shopping basket hands-free. A great companion to the Tesco

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  • evercam


    • An Evercam integration that help you explore CCTV cameras nearby. It will show a snapshot of the nearest camera when requested. * Evercam uses Location

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  • bestparking_tile_color_640x360


    • BestParking steers you toward the cheapest and most convenient parking garages and lots in 105 cities & 115 airports throughout North America. Save

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  • mab

    Mab Experience

    • Mab Experience is a Glassware dedicated to the MAB, Bilotti Open Air Museum (Museo all’Aperto Bilotti) established in the center of Cosenza, a city in

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