New Glassware for Google Glasses

  • color

    Color Detector

    • Simple Glassware that shows you the color of what’s in front of you. It shows the name of the color and its hex code, and if you want to pause just tap the

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  • qr

    QR Lens

    • QR Lens gives you quick and easy access to the text contents and web links contained within QR codes.

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  • Bee-Invasion-background-screenshot22

    Bee Invasion

    • Play with the bees! They are lovely, ferocious and coming to your Glass now! A swarm of cute bees is approaching you fast! Look out, shoot and stop them

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  • unnamed for Glass

    • Official Glassware, bringing real-time currency exchange rates to your Glass. We support most popular exchange rates to PLN in current

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  • cityspot1


    • CitySpot is your must-have companion Glassware for finding parking in the city. With thousands of parking lots in our database spanning across San

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  • mojito-ingredients

    Lets Drink

    • You Want To Drink Your Favorite Cocktail but Do Not Know How To Prepare It. It’s Time To Command Let’s Drink in Google Glass. Including 500+ Cocktails

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  • SocialRadar


    • SocialRadar connects your social networks and Google Glass to create a real time heads-up-display of your nearby contacts. Receive notifications when

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  • captioning

    Captioning on Google Glass™

    • Captioning on Google Glass provides real-time closed captioning, allowing the deaf or hard of hearing to converse with others. It requires an Android

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  • moody-bird

    Moody Bird

    • Moody Bird is a side-scrolling game featuring 2D, retro-style graphics. Jump, squat, or stand up to direct your flying bird between oncoming sets of pipes

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  • smh

    Sydney Morning Herald

    • The Sydney Morning Herald Glassware summarises the top stories across news, sport and business. When the user selects an article, the Glassware uses

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