Listed below you'll find some of the best games for Google Glass, games are ranked by star rating, views and user clicks. Simply click the title to view the details of the Glass game.

  • BlinkyBird

    Google Glass - Game
    • BlinkyBird uses Glass’s eye sensor – just double-blink to flap! Tips: Double-blink to flap (single-blink detection isn’t enabled in the

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  • Ping

    Google Glass - Game
    • Ping pong game for Google Glass built in GDK. Easy to use, single user mode, excellent graphics and easy to play – the real game experience. You have

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  • Space Invaders for Google Glass

    Google Glass - Game
    • Space Invaders is controlled by finger gestures on Google Glass. Scroll events move the shooter left and right, and each tap fires a missile. The

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  • Little Bandits for Google Glass

    Google Glass - Game
    • Little Bandits is a two player turn-based duelling game for Google Glass. Each player selects two moves a turn and waits to see how the duel plays out.

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  • no-image-1825

    MineSweeper for Google Glass

    Google Glass - App
    • Currently, you’re presented a 9×9 mine field. Move the yellow dot about the field by moving your head. Speak “reveal” to reveal a

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  • Missile Beyond

    Google Glass - Game
    • Missile Beyond is a GDK based game for Google Glass. You have to target the missiles by moving your head and blast them by tapping. The more missiles you

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  • Blackjack By 6beyond

    Google Glass - Game
    • Blackjack by 6beyond – a Google glass ready blackjack game app of the famous casino game! The main menu consists of 3 key items – Start Blackjack,

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  • Mini Games for Google Glass

    Google Glass - Game
    • With tons of tiny sensors and a screen that you can always see, we think Google Glass is an exciting new place to play. We built these five simple games to

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  • Glass Copter Game for Google Glasses

    - Game
    • The Classic Copter Game, Now on Google Glass. Look up & down & left & right to control the game.

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  • The Game

    - App
    • A tribute to the addictive Ktarian Game from Star Trek, The Next Generation, Season 5, Episode 6. Tilt your head to control the flying disks and land them

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