Welcome to Glass App Source. Our goal is to bring users and developers of smart glasses, who are or who can become in future, most influential and most creative in making apps for the smart eye-ware gadgets. The developers and agencies can interact with each other on our platform to know, learn and exchange views about the new culture in the tiny gadget world. Our team is here all the time to provide you with valuable information in the form of Google Glass breaking news, Google Glass apps, Smart glass developer guides for all smart glasses, app reviews, privacy and everything of anything about the wearable smart glass as a whole.

We are excited what he future holds; where glass can support applications which allows users to do every day actives and improve the quality of life.  Our focus is to educated users on smart glass technology and how it could be used in everyday life. We continue to build and improve many sections of this website to better accommodate our users. We have a Glass forum section, blog section and also a Glass app directory to make this portal a complete guide for wearable smart glasses and smart glass. Everyday we are adding fresh content here to keep the portal a real happening place for all the Google Glass enthusiasts and other wearable smart glasses. For regular updates, subscribe to our blog and become an active member on the forum to explore the latest opportunities. We are one of the first portals to discuss everything about Google Glass and smart glass wearable technology.

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    Besides Glass App Source, you can also find him contributing to his own tech news blog, Click. Read. Share.

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