Altergaze Gets Customized for a Sci-fi Racer

Altergaze is a 3D printed phone accessory that can turn any phone into a virtual reality device. With Altergaze, a phone acts as the display and runs the apps and games that provides the virtual reality experience. Basically, a phone slides into a slot on Altergaze and the user wears Altergaze like a normal VR device such as Oculus. Altergaze is pretty much a way fancier version of Google cardboard.


Altergaze is not only a 3D printed accessory, but it’s also an open source one. Any company can take Altergaze and customize it for their own usage. For a while there weren’t any companies taking advantage of Altergaze being open source. With that being said, a company working on a scifi racer not only supports Altergaze, but is also selling a customized version of it to certain Kickstarter backers.

Tammeka Games is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter for its new racing game Radial-G. Radial-G is pretty similar to most racing games, but with a couple of twists. The game is going to have the usual things like single player, multiplayer, a variety of vehicles, vehicle customization, a track editor, and more.

While Radial-G will definitely remind you of a normal racing game, there are a couple of areas where it is different. One of the main differences is instead of driving cars you fly different types of ships. There are going to be a variety of different ships you can fly and customize, which is very cool.

The thing that really separates Radial-G from other racing games is the fact that it will have Oculus Rift support AND will be supporting devices like the Altergaze. Tammeka Games will not only be making their game compatible with Altergaze, but they are also providing a customized version of Altergaze to a limited amount of people who pledge.

People who pledge £350 (600 USD) to the development of Radial-G will get a customized Altergaze along with the game and some other stuff. The limited-edition Altergaze that comes with the £350 pledge has the Radial-G game logo integrated into the design.

“AlterGaze 3D-printed mobile VR headset – These are really, really cool. A mobile VR solution for your mobile phone! We’ve teamed up with AlterGaze to offer five lucky backers the chance to own a customised AlterGaze mobile VR headset sporting the game logo in 3D integrated into the design.”

£350 seems a bit steep for an accessory like Altergaze. Still, it’s a nice little bonus for those who like the game, want to donate some money and wouldn’t mind getting a little bonus.

I doubt many of you are going to pledge some money to this company. With that being said, Tammeka Games is sort of the first company to pick up Altergaze and customize it for their own purpose. While many people may not pledge to this Kickstarter campaign, it’s good to see that some companies are putting some time into making their games and apps compatible with Altergaze.

If you would like to learn more about Radial-G, then you can head on over to their Kickstarter by clicking here. You can also learn more about Altergaze by visiting our post about it.