Apple Hit The Jackpot By Hiring The Best US VR Researcher From Virginia Tech

apple holodeck

A year ago, Apple has announced that the company is looking to hire display engineer professionals which have experience with the VR environment, for the Top Secret VR Project. This didn’t come as a surprise, because in 2013, Apple has paid $345 million to purchase PrimeSense, an Israeli 3D sensing company and it was to be expected that the American multinational technology company intends to make virtual reality devices. And now, Apple’s dream is about to come true, with the help of one of the best researchers in Virtual Reality, in the US. His name is Doug Bowman, and he worked as a Professor of Computer Science and was the Director of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech.

Doug Bowman will be one of the leading employees of the company, as he might create a high-end Apple VR smartglass, but for now, we don’t know exactly which will be his role and what projects he will work on. According to his resume, Bowman has experience in 3D user interface design and until now, he contributed to the development of 33 VR projects. He worked on games, body gesture gaming, immersive military training systems, 3D modeling etc. and his name is linked to many industry prizes.

Apple has now an advantage over its biggest rivals, Facebook, Google and Samsung, which have been working on their own products that will see the light later this year. And Doug Bowman will be more than a valuable asset to Apple, as his technical skills might be used not only to build a VR/AR headset, but he could also assist the company in developing the Apple electric car project. Older rumors suggested that Apple will release an electric car with a gesture-based interface and this year, at the CES event, Audi and BMW were two manufacturers that showcased their gesture-based interfaces, which Apple might take into consideration to use for its vehicle.

Sources: PatentlyApple & CNET