How Different Will Be Apple’s VR Headset From Oculus Rift And PlayStation VR?

apple augmented reality

At this point, Apple is busy developing the Project Titan car project, but that doesn’t stop the iPhone maker from working on other products as well. While the car is rumored to be launched in 2020, the alleged VR headset is expected to arrive sooner, as Apple reportedly formed a secret team of experts that are focusing on creating a worthy rival to the two upcoming virtual reality devices, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. As you know, virtual reality overplays virtual artifacts on real objects from the user’s environment, unlike augmented reality, which allows the users to interact with the surrounding real world. Apple will get its inspiration from the two headsets, but it will try to bring a better device.

Both the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR will have an OLED display, but the first device will support a resolution of 1080×1200 for each eye, a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a FOV of 110 degrees. The PlayStation VR supports a resolution of 960×1080 per eye, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a FOV of 100 degrees.

Currently, we don’t know the specs of the VR headset that Apple will release in the future and now we’re settling for the information that surfaces on the internet. The first rumors about a possible Apple VR headset appeared in January, when it was discovered that the company has hired Doug Bowman, the Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech, who is very passionate about virtual and augmented reality and who wrote many books in the past 20 years.

On January 26th, Apple held a quarterly conference call with analysts and Tim Cook didn’t seem very interested in sharing his enthusiasm on the VR subject, saying only that VR is only “cool”. But we can’t forget that Apple has already filed many patents for hyper reality 3D displays, VR user interfaces and video goggles and the rumor that Apple has formed a “secret research unit” consisting of engineers from Microsoft and Lytro, among others, was dropped like a bomb.

Without a doubt, Apple is spying on its competition, in the shadows, letting companies like Oculus, HTC, Microsoft or Sony to release their devices first, and then Apple’s goggle will make its appearance later, with more advanced specs.

Sources: KnowYourMobile & Wikipedia