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Atheer AiR Smart Glasses Use Case Scenarios

A good chunk of you probably remember Atheer One. Atheer One was a pair of augmented reality smart glasses created by Atheer Labs. The device was successfully funded on Kickstarter and the device was designed for consumers. Interestingly enough

Atheer One Smart Glasses for Business Use

Atheer One is a pair of smart glasses that, like many other smart glasses, started as a product on IndieGoGo. While Atheer One was originally targeting all consumers, the company behind Atheer One decided to make it strictly enterprise and busine

Atheer One: Immersive Smart Glasses

  Google Glass is the most well-known pair of smart glasses even though there are many slightly superior options to choose from (I should say preorder). While Google Glass manages to stay on top as the most-well known pair of smart glasses, that's

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