Atheer AiR Smart Glasses Use Case Scenarios


A good chunk of you probably remember Atheer One. Atheer One was a pair of augmented reality smart glasses created by Atheer Labs. The device was successfully funded on Kickstarter and the device was designed for consumers. Interestingly enough though, Atheer Labs decided to refund their Kickstarter backers, and stopped focusing on regular consumers. Instead of focusing on regular consumers, Atheer Labs decided to start focusing on the enterprise market and rebranded their smart glasses to “Atheer AiR Smart Glasses”.

For a while after the switch, there wasn’t a lot of news coming from Atheer Labs, but luckily things are starting to pick up again. Recently, Atheer Labs uploaded some mock-up videos to their Youtube channel that show how their Atheer AiR smart glasses could be used in the medical field and construction field.

In the medical field video, they show how the device could possibly be used to check vitals and maybe even fill out medication forms. The construction mock-up video is a bit more interesting. In the construction video, they show how the glasses could possibly be used to look at floor plans and 3D models of the floor plans.

I thought the videos were pretty interesting, so I thought I would share them with you all. The videos are pretty short.

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