This is What Legacy Android Apps Look Like on Atheer One

It’s a well-known fact that Explorers can sideload almost every Android app onto Google Glass. The apps may not work properly, and most likely it’ll be a pretty terrible experience, but you can still install them.

Well, a month ago Atheer Labs released a video of them testing the Legacy Android Experience (Android home screen and Normal Apps) on Antheer One and, it actually seems to work better than one might expect.

Check out this video below where they navigate the Android home screen, customize widgets, and play Fruit Slice.

Atheer One is a pair of immersive smart glasses that are due to come out later this year in December. There are technically two versions of Atheer One, a developer version and then the good ole normal consumer version.

The Atheer One (consumer version) connects to your smart phone, has a 65 degree field of view, 1024×768 display resolution, 2 x 8MP cameras, 6 sensors and costs $500.

The Atheer One Developer kit is slightly different from the consumer model. The developer version is an independent device with its own Snapdragon processor. The field of view on the developer version is only 35 degrees, and the cameras are only 5MP; everything else is the same. Since the developer version has its own processor it does cost a bit more with a price tag of $850.

Atheer One is definitely a pair of smart glasses that you should keep your eyes on. There are several companies that are paving the way for future wearable technology, and Atheer Labs is one of them.

Atheer One

If you would like to find out more information about this device, then take a peek here or visit the Atheer Labs website.

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March 27, 2014