Companies That Will Take Advantage Of The Incoming AR/VR Technology

virtual reality


Augmented Reality (also known as AR) and Virtual Reality (aka VR) will “teleport” users to some simulated worlds via the digital information from the physical realm and there are many companies that will take advantage of it.

Today we’re going to talk about five companies that will surely make a fortune from this technology. We’re pretty sure that AR/VR headsets will become very popular once their prices will be reduced, but that it will take a few years. According to a research report, the AR/VR industry may soon be an 80 billion dollars market, with around $35 billion in software and $45 billion in hardware.


Sony is preparing its PlayStation VR device, a virtual reality headset that will operate with the gaming console. It seems that analysts have high hopes for this upcoming device, as the PlayStation is very popular and we’re sure that many PlayStation owners will want to have this device.


Facebook will be a company that will capitalize on virtual reality advertising revenues, as Mark Zuckerberg already invested $2 billion in Oculus, a virtual reality vendor. We agree that Oculus is focusing more in video gaming, but we’re pretty sure that Zuckerberg will try to expand this technology and include digital communication.


Alphabet is the parent company of Google Inc. and other companies previously owned by Google. This company has launched its first virtual reality viewer back in 2013 and has continued to invest in virtual reality with projects such as the 360-cardboard degree video on YouTube and the Google Cardboard. We agree that Google was not very successful with its Google Glass in 2013, but we’re pretty sure that the company has learned from its mistakes and it will do better in the future.


GoPro is a leading action camera vendor and it will surely make money from the upcoming AR/VR. We remind you that the company is already offering spherical video capture for professionals with camera mounts that supports up to 16 cameras, such as the Google Odyssey. We’re sure that GoPro will continue to expand its presence in the spherical video capture by selling multi-camera mounts to ordinary consumers. We remind you that GoPro has acquired Kolor in Q1 2015 in order to improve its video and photo editing software.


Microsoft is focusing more on the augmented reality advancements as it teamed up with companies such as Autodesk ADSK, in order to build products for healthcare and engineering professionals. We remind you that the company announced that it will release its Microsoft HoloLens, a wireless holographic computer, which will be sold for 3000 dollars for the Developer Edition. Volvo has already adopted this technology so the users can virtually build their own cars and by doing this, the dealer will minimize inventory space and save a lot of expenses.

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