Ozo, Nokia’s $60,000 Virtual Reality Camera Which Will Make History


Ozo was launched in July, being a virtual reality camera which can capture videos with audio in full 360 degrees, but its price is exaggerated, or inaccessible to the middle class consumers. The camera costs $60,000, but the price is justified, and we’ll tell you why it’s worth buying it.

Ramzi Haidamus talked about the time when he joined Nokia Technologies and he was tasked to come up with a new technology. In September 2014, the Ozo camera was only a prototype with a phenomenal video 3D and audio accuracy and the current president of Nokia Technologies knew that this device will be a total success so he continued to improve this tool which was specially created for the professional creators.

Ozo can’t be found on the market yet, as it will beginning shipping next year. What’s awesome about it is that it supports all platforms or devices and will help filmmakers to see on a monitor what they’re capturing, thanks to the live monitoring feature. In addition, the camera has a feature called “dynamic rendering”, which allows directors to look around the 360-degree field of view, while Ozo is filming in real time with its eight lenses (2K x 2K sensors) and microphones.

Nokia has revealed the specs of Ozo, and its dimensions are 264 x 170 x 160mm (camera head only), while with camera mount, the thickness increases with 78 mm. It’s made of a milled aluminum alloy, it has a lava grey shade and it weights 4.2 Kg, including the battery. It contains a 500GB drive, on which you will be able to store up to 45 minutes of footage at 30.00 fps and with base sensitivity ISO 400.

From the OZO website you can purchase accessories such as the $1,500 docking station, the $2,500 media module or the $5,000 digital cartridge. Haidamus said that the Ozo camera is “the first product from Nokia Technologies since the phone days, and they just really wanted to outdo themselves”.

Sources: The Verge and Ozo Nokia.