Microsoft Hololens idea of the week

On December 1, Microsoft has announced the launch of the “Share Your Idea” website and forum, the place where the developers submitted their ideas for the experiences they want to see on HoloLens. Until January 11, there were 5,000 submissions,

HoloMaps For HoloLens

It isn’t sure yet when the Consumer Edition of the HoloLens Augmented Reality device will be released, but the Development Edition, which was announced at Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event, will arrive in the Q1 and the developers will be able to pu

Oculus Rift DK2

On August 1 2012, Oculus was launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise money for the development of the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift. Over 9,500 backers pledged for more than $2,400,000 and the project was brought to life. And the f

list of smart glasses
List of Smart Glasses