BuBBles Glasses

2014 is the year of wearable technology. We’ve seen a crazy amount of smart watches and smart glasses come out of no where in the last few months. Many of the new smart glasses and smart watches that are being made are usually getting funded through IndieGogo and Kickstarter campaigns. We definitely have the big companies like Google, Vuzix, and Epson is messing with smart glasses, but most of what we see comes from relatively new companies.

One of the latest companies to be looking for funding on IndieGogo is BuBBles Lab. BuBBles Lab is a Romanian company and they are looking to get their new pair of smart glasses called ‘BuBBles Glasses’ funded.

BuBBles Glasses

BuBBles Glasses are a pair of augmented reality and virtual reality glasses. The glasses are definitely advertised as something to be used for entertainment reasons, but there are also hints of them being good for work purposes.

Bubbles Lab took an interesting approach when it came to the design of the glasses. Instead of taking a minimalistic, not-so-loud approach, they decided to make it something noticeable. The device has big reflective lenses with an orange highlight around the camera. They definitely give off a Judge Dredd type of vibe.

Bubbles Glasses

When it comes to the specs of the glasses, Bubble Labs have completely failed at being clear about that information. All the information we can gather about the device is that it has headphones, a display that shows “a good visual of 54” ”, a camera, and a micro SD card. We could find no information about the size of the display or the quality of the camera.  A PC version of the glasses cost $200.

Here is a video about the device:

The most interesting thing about this pair of glasses is the augmented reality. The use of the glasses with the commercial in the video was pretty interesting. With that said, that can probably be replicated on another device.

We really like the design of these glasses, but ultimately they will probably fail. BuBBles Lab has failed when it comes to marketing their product correctly. They did a great job at explaining their story on the IndieGoGo page, but they haven’t provided us enough details about the glasses. Anyone who is going to donate money to a pair of smart glasses is going to want to know exactly what the specs are.

BuBBles Lab has 35 days to reach their $100,000 goal. They have currently been able to get $0 with their campaign. If you’re interested in finding out more about these glasses, then you can head over to IndieGogo. 35 days is definitely enough time for them to provide us with better details about the device, but this IndieGogo campaign doesn’t look like it is going to be a success.

Do you have any thoughts to share on these augmented and virtual reality glasses? If you do, then feel free to leave a comment down below!