First Pair of castAR Shipped Out

Technical Illusions, a company created by former Valve employees, has started to ship out the first pairs of its augmented reality glasses to early backers from Kickstarter.

Technical Illusions’ augmented reality glasses are called “castAR”. In late 2013, the company ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the device. By the end of the campaign, the company raised a total of $1,052,110.


castAR consists of shutter glasses, a camera (input), a wand (used for interacting), a projector, and a reflective surface. Unlike a lot of augmented reality and virtual reality glasses on the market, the castAR does not use displays to exhibit information. Rather, the device uses a projector to beam images to the reflective surface that comes with the device. And, with the help of the shutter glasses and head-tracking that are built into the device, wearers are able to see the images that are beamed onto the surface.


The company is far from a full-scale launch for their glasses, but they have started to ship out the device to early backers. In a Kickstarter update, the company stated:

As mentioned before, each set of the Early castAR Glasses are hand calibrated. What this means for you is that YOUR Early castARs and Almost as Early castARs will be arriving in the next few weeks.

With the Kickstarter update, the company also created an amusing video that shows off the packaging and shipping process of the glasses.

Check it out: