Fove Is Samsung’s Investment In Eye-Tracking Technology


Fove is a VR headset which will track your eye movements and will provide more realistic simulations. Samsung has managed to raise $480,000 on Kickstarter, but the initial goal was $250,000, the money which was needed to make the Fove a consumer device. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until 2016, when this headset will be released, but at least its specs have been unveiled at the CES 2015 event, in January.

The virtual reality will be something that everyone will want to experiment. The more realistic the images will be, the more time a user will spend with the headset on. Samsung is working on many projects and decided to give its best in building a VR headset which can provide a better sense of realism, while reducing motion sickness when the head moves. But the Fove is more advanced than the Oculus Rift because it has an infrared sensor which can monitor your eye movement and offer a 360×360-degree virtual world. The headset has a 2560×1440 pixels display and thanks to the sensor which has a ability to monitor your eyes with the best precision, you can explore the 3D space and control the environment like it’s part of the real world.

The users will be able to control the interface with their eyes, instead of doing it with a mouse, keyboard or controller, and the best part about this headset is that it doesn’t require excessive hardware. The device will cost $349 and will make use of the Wear VR platform, but it will also be compatible with game engines such as Unity, Unreal and Cryengine.

The developers who will create games for the Fove will obtain the highest graphical fidelity for far distance objects, so the players will feel like they’re actually having a real race car driving experience. So, the background will be crystal clear and won’t require too much processing power to reproduce it.

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