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Google Glass Display Resolution

A lot of people are curious about what resolution the Google Glass display uses. It's actually pretty shocking on how small the resolution is. The native resolution for the Google Glass display is 640x360 with the pixels being roughly about 1/8th the

Google Glass Ingress App Review

Google’s Niantic labs has come up with an augmented reality mobile game Ingress and now it’s created space in wearable devices such as Google Glass. There are lots of geographical data has been collected for Glass and people out there are prepari

Google Glass KitchMe App Review

KitchMe is a popular meal planning website now a part of, now launched its unique cooking assistant app for Google Glass. You can wear the Glass and speak some ingredients and the app will try to search that stuff from its database, and a

Top 5 Apps For Google Glass

After the launch of Google Glass Explorer version, there have been lots of developments. Dozens of apps have been tested and released to make the iconic gadget more meaningful day-by-day. Here we have compiled top 5 apps for Google Glass.INRI

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