ColorSnap Glass App Review: Converts Photos Into Paint Chips

No more you need to be sick of the stacks of paint chips. Also, now there is no more sickness too with countless shades of beige. A new application on Google Glass has arrived to help you out.

Unique Feature - New Glass App Converts Photos Into Paint Chips

The new Google Glass app is named as ColorSnap Glass and it is powered by paint retailer Sherwin-Williams. It helps in turning photos of design inspiration instantly into a custom palette. Yes, so now onward you can do the needful with your favorite piece of art. Your backyard scene can now be converted into a custom palette.

First you need to take a picture with the Glass gadget and this is sent to the server of Sherwin-Williams. There the primary color of your picture of inspiration is translated into a set of paint colors. Next, you can share the photos and colors with others. You can also find stores of Sherwin-Williams from the new app.

The ColorSnap Glass app is also available for the Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. It was developed by an independent marketing agency Resource. A press release says the agency is part of the Google Glass Explorer program.

Remember, the ColorSnap Glass app is now in the beta phase. Though it is available for download, but you may find few errors.

The Sherwin-Williams has family of apps and the ColorSnap Glass app is their latest offer for the users of Google Glass.

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