Glassagram Google Glass App Review

Instagram is now on Google Glass too. Dubbed as Glassagram, the new app is similar to the Instagram and lets users add filters to the photos snapped with the tiny eyewear gadget.

Glassagram Google Glass App Review

Users need to first sing up for the Glassagram app to allow it access his or her Glass timeline. When user want to share a snapped pic with the help of the wearable gadget, the Glassagram app sends a card to the timeline of the Glass with five filtered options for selection which one to actually share.

Right now the app only allows sharing of the pics. In future probably it will turn up with several good features like giving description to the photo.

When the Google Glass will be launched for everyone early next year probably more such Instagram type app will come up to help sharing of clicked photos.

Currently the Glassagram Google Glass app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play store.

For more details about the Glassagram Google Glass app like download link and website link you can check this Web link.