GlassBattle Google Glass App Review

The Google Glass will also have traditional games when it will be launched early next year. By now the GlassBattle is good example.

GlassBattle Google Glass App Review

The Glass Battle Google Glass app is developed using the Mirror API of the tiny gadget. It offers synchronous turn-based multi-player games and can be played only when the eyewear is having consistent Internet connection.

Players can command the airstrikes by just speaking the coordinates of the target. The ships in it are assigned randomly on grid of seven squares for each out of two. Two users can play together with one moves each. The blue colored squares are miss and red is for hit so that user can plot the next move.

The app is simple, but at this phase of development it looks like baby steps. The developer is still years away from what had been earlier conceptualized for the new wearable gadget. Well, sooner or later it will surely be coming with more and more development.

Developed by Det Ansinn, the GlassBattle is currently a free gaming app for Google Glass and it can be downloaded from Google Play store.

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