Google Glass Display Resolution

A lot of people are curious about what resolution the Google Glass display uses. It’s actually pretty shocking on how small the resolution is. The native resolution for the Google Glass display is 640×360 with the pixels being roughly about 1/8th the width of those in the iPhone 5’s display. The actual display measures only half an inch diagonally.


Even though the resolution is so small Google describes the screen as having “a high resolution display that is the equivalent of a 25-inch screen from 8 feet away”. That’s pretty big when you think about it.

Bigger Displays

I don’t think it will be that long before we see Google Glass coming out with bigger displays with higher resolutions. I say this because there’s already competing companies like Vuxiz who are creating alternatives to Glass with four times as many pixels and it covers the users entire field of view. Google will eventually have to release a higher resolution model at some point in the future just to keep up with what competitors are providing.

What do you think?