Google Glass Ingress App Review

Google’s Niantic labs has come up with an augmented reality mobile game Ingress and now it’s created space in wearable devices such as Google Glass. There are lots of geographical data has been collected for Glass and people out there are preparing more interesting user experiences in Google Glass gaming domain.

Google Glass Ingress App Review

The wearable device is making people to move in the streets with the game going on augmented reality game like Ingress, which is an evolution in gaming world.

In an occasion Ingress fans were gathered near the monument, leaving their couches and fight the battles with each other. It is quite a statistic that tells more than million people have already downloaded the Ingress app and actively playing.

The game is created by Niantic Labs in Google’s San Francisco office along with teams of Los Angeles and Mountain View, Calif. These are same people creators of Google Earth, Maps and Street View and hopeful the new Glass will catch the momentum with this game. The game will also work on any smartphone.

The project started on “adventure on foot” theme, originally conceptualized for Field Trip app for Android. The app gives you notification wherever you visit of historic interest. The primary objective of this game is to involve people in local community including public art. In Ingress public art plays an important role where it bestows life energy, which is additional bonus in the game. Players can pick up life energy by walking down the street by following certain paths.

It is not easy though, they have to solve puzzles, find life energy, solve hidden messages and sometimes figure out the conspiracy going on around their surroundings.