Ice Breaker Google Glass App Review

Once you own Google Glass after it is launched in the global market early next year, you can meet new interesting people in your area with the help of an app. Dubbed as Ice Breaker, the Google Glassware is a gaming app and it helps in matching you with someone nearby.

Ice Breaker Google Glass App Review

The goal set in it is to find that interesting person and then have a great conversion. The tiny gadget also takes picture of the person to help you remember him or her in future. Next, you can share the picture to ice breaker via sharing feature of the app and earn social points by doing so. You can meet the person again too.

The app is cool and simple. In today’s fast world when it is hard to get in touch with people we meet in foreign environment, the app helps in keeping us intact. The app is surely an useful one and is necessarily to be one of the most wanted app in the tiny wearable gadget.

The Ice Breaker app for Google Glass is currently free on the tiny gadget and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

For more details about the Ice Breaker Google Glass app you can check out this Web LINK.