JewGlass Google Glass App Review

A new app named Jew Glass for the Google Glass has been released with the aim to help Jews observe Judaism more efficiently.

JewGlass Google Glass App Review

The app has been developed by New York-based RustyBrick app development company. It offers directions to the nearby synagogues to Jews. It reminds them about the start of Shabbat and its end. It also displays prayers on the tiny screen of Google Glass right in front of your eye.

RustyBrick CEO Barry Schwartz said, “By pushing contextual, geographic-aware, and time sensitive data directly into your line of vision, JewGlass can help you remember things such as prayer time deadlines, where to find kosher eateries, what or what not to say while praying in synagogue and Shabbat start or end times. This is just the beginning, the practical applications are endless.”

He adds that the new JewGlass app for the eyewear gadget is not an effort to bring people closer to Judaism, but it is a good way to help those, who are observing it, to do it more efficiently.

RustyBrick has around thirty apps that aims at the Jewish market. The company was founded by brothers Barry and Ronnie Schwartz. It also offers an iPhone siddur, which is a prayer book.

JewGlass Google Glass app is currently free and can be downloaded from Google Play store.

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