MedRef Google Glass App Review

Lately there has been dozens of interesting apps developed for Google Glass. One among those is MedRef. It helps in recognizing faces of people.

MedRef Google Glass App Review

The MedRef app has been designed for hospital employees to access records of patients easily with the help of the software.

The app is developed by computer programmer Lance Nanek. He said, “Some people I talked to said hospitals are full of very busy people, often with their hands full, working with a lot of information… So, Google Glass making it wearable is especially looked forward to there!”

With the help of the new app hospital employees can keep a log of their patients with text and photos for future reference.

The MedRef app is cool and does a good job by identifying people. Nanek said the app will be in super advanced versions in future. As of now the concept of the app is great but we need to wait for its polished version to benefit more than today.

The MedRef is currently available on GitHub for the Google Glass Explorer edition. It is using the Betaface Web service.

For more details about the MedRef app for Google Glass you can check this LINK too.