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Glassagram Google Glass App Review

Instagram is now on Google Glass too. Dubbed as Glassagram, the new app is similar to the Instagram and lets users add filters to the photos snapped with the tiny eyewear gadget.Users need to first sing up for the Glassagram app to allow it a

MedRef Google Glass App Review

Lately there has been dozens of interesting apps developed for Google Glass. One among those is MedRef. It helps in recognizing faces of people.The MedRef app has been designed for hospital employees to access records of patients easily with

QSL Query Google Glass App Review

In the 20th century Ham Radio was very popular. Also dubbed as Amateur Radio, the technology has been killed with the invention of Internet and other mode of communications. Today, hardly any of us consider the Ham Radio as a good and useful hobby.

Twitter Google Glass App Review

Twitter too has invaded the Google Glass. An official Twitter Glass app lets user of the tiny eyewear gadget to set up notifications for tweets and direct messages too from others. The app also mentions the name of the person who has tweeted or sent

Review: Frogger App For Google Glass

The popular game Frogger has invaded Google Glass too. The Frogger app for Google Glass is fun and interactive. Playing on the tiny eyewear gadget with unique and new interface makes the game more of fun and more of interactive.Frogger is a s

Elle Google Glass App Review

Elle is the first magazine on Google Glass. Hearst Corporation launched the Elle Glassware app in May this year. The app is exclusively designed for the tiny eyewear gadget.In the news media segment other houses to have app for Google Glass a

Trulia Google Glass App Review

The real estate icons too seem will be conquering the Google Glass platform luring its customers in another way. An app for the segment is just a starting of it. Dubbed as Trulia app or rather Trulia Real Estate Search app, it helps users of tiny wea

Ice Breaker Google Glass App Review

Once you own Google Glass after it is launched in the global market early next year, you can meet new interesting people in your area with the help of an app. Dubbed as Ice Breaker, the Google Glassware is a gaming app and it helps in matching you wi

GlassBattle Google Glass App Review

The Google Glass will also have traditional games when it will be launched early next year. By now the GlassBattle is good example.The Glass Battle Google Glass app is developed using the Mirror API of the tiny gadget. It offers synchronous t

JewGlass Google Glass App Review

A new app named Jew Glass for the Google Glass has been released with the aim to help Jews observe Judaism more efficiently.The app has been developed by New York-based RustyBrick app development company. It offers directions to the nearby sy

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