QSL Query Google Glass App Review

In the 20th century Ham Radio was very popular. Also dubbed as Amateur Radio, the technology has been killed with the invention of Internet and other mode of communications. Today, hardly any of us consider the Ham Radio as a good and useful hobby.

QSL Query Google Glass App Review

Will the Ham Radio return back in the era of Google Glass? Not very sure, but an app for the tiny gadget has been developed. Named as QSL Query, the app can be used to get the name, address and license class of any USA-based amateur radio call sign. The result is retrieved from the database of FCC.

Developed by David Young (AESDY), the QSL Query Google Glass app is easy to use. On the top of the screen one can see the recent timeline items that are created by the app. A search card is needed to look up a call sign. To insert a new search card you simply need to click the appropriate button.

The app is social network friendly and user can share the searched information directly from the app on Google+ and Facebook.

The QSL Query app for Google Glass is currently free and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

For more information on the QSL Query Google Glass app you can also check this LINK.