Review: Frogger App For Google Glass

The popular game Frogger has invaded Google Glass too. The Frogger app for Google Glass is fun and interactive. Playing on the tiny eyewear gadget with unique and new interface makes the game more of fun and more of interactive.

Review - Frogger App For Google Glass

Frogger is a simple game and recreation of it for Google’s eyepiece makes users hop in the real world while crossing the virtual roads.

Remember, not to play the game while you are on the street as there is enough roadkill inside the game itself. You can jump in it like frog in air to avoid several obstacles including virtual cars while making way across roads to lily pad bliss.

Google Glass’ Frogger app uses the sensors and also the camera to command sense when player is jumping in the air.

The Frogger app for Google Glass can be downloaded and installed from Currently it is free for the eyewear.

For more details you can also check this LINK.

Note: The Frogger app for Google Glass won the top prize at the hackathon. Below is a video of the team behind the app making, demonstrating the game: