Review: INRIX Traffic App For Google Glass

The popular INRIX traffic app is now also available on Google Glass. It will help you avoid congestion while you are on road and reach your destination hassle-free and in minimum time. The app also alerts you about accidents on the road with the photograph of the spot.

Review - INRIX Traffic App For Google Glass

Below are few of the benefits you get while you are traveling with INRIX app on your Google Glass:

Auto-Reroute Helps In Avoiding Delays

The INRIX app sends notification with alerts of congestion or an accident while in route. You can ask it to re-route and it helps you reach the final destination without getting stuck in traffic. The new route summary is in clean and easy format.

Incidents Reported With Photo

The app has option of storing photos of accidents that you upload with the help of Google Glass UX. It is stored locally and also shared on the Google+ account. This helps other users of INRIX to get accidents report with a photo of it.

Others Informed Of Your ETA

You can also let your contact keep informed about your whearabouts while in route. You just need to say “Send my INRIX arrival time to Laura” and it is done. Laura will know by when you are arriving.

Enjoy More

After you reach your destination the INRIX will send you notification giving details about how much time you saved with it.

There are many more apps ready for Google Glass and waiting for the gadget to get launched commercially. Meanwhile, if you are developing any new app for the tiny wearable eyewear computing gadget, do share it with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.