Top 5 Apps For Google Glass

After the launch of Google Glass Explorer version, there have been lots of developments. Dozens of apps have been tested and released to make the iconic gadget more meaningful day-by-day. Here we have compiled top 5 apps for Google Glass.

Top 5 Apps For Google Glass

INRIX Driving Navigation

At one end wearers of Google Glass are being guided with safety concerns while driving where as companies like INRIX are working on applications that can help driver concentrate on roads. It has come up with app that empowers navigation based on shared data.


No more you need to worry about tablet getting trashed after a good cooking session. The KitchMe app on Google Glass helps you in cooking with voice-activated and hands-free navigation of recipes.


MedRef app for Google Glass helps doctors to access the medical record of a patient. There is less chance of losing or misplacing the files of patients with the new technology.


Trulia app for Google Glass helps in exploring real estate in an easy way. The Glass alerts users whenever they are near to any property of interest. The app shows photo of the property in front of the eyeball and also allow to contact the agent from the app directly.


The Ingress app is a mobile gaming, but in a revolutionary pattern to offer real-world locations. In real public locations users can find and hack virtual terminals with the help of clues. The game is real interesting one on the tiny eyewear gadget.

There are more apps to hit the platform in next few months until Google Glass is released for everyone. Till then, do share your own developing app with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.