Twitter Google Glass App Review

Twitter too has invaded the Google Glass. An official Twitter Glass app lets user of the tiny eyewear gadget to set up notifications for tweets and direct messages too from others. The app also mentions the name of the person who has tweeted or sent the messages.

Twitter Google Glass App Review

Replying, retweeting and making a tweet to be favorite are possible with the app. User can also share photos directly via the Google Glass gadget on their Twitter feed.

Well, the app is yet not complete as it does not allow adding a description to the tweet and also user can’t compose a new tweet as of now.

The Twitter app for Google Glass is equipped with easy user interface. It is less cluttered and well navigated. It has simplicity in terms of features like sharing photos directly, retweeting etc. As a whole the app is impressive, though it needs some more improvement. Let’s hope by early next year when the Google Glass will be launched the app will become almost complete when compared to Twitter app for Android and iOS.

The Twitter app for Google Glass is free and can be downloaded from Google Play store.

You can also check this LINK for more details on the Google Glass Twitter app.