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Livecard Backward Compatibility

If you haven't found out by now, the update to the Android SDK removed the TimelineManager class from the GDK and it removed the method for retrieving a LiveCard as well. This means that all existing LiveCard code MUST be updated to run on both X

QuickGlass: Easy Voice Triggers

Google Glass voice commands are extremely handy. Voice commands can be hard to use in crowded areas, but if you're in a decently quiet room they work great and are awesome to use.QuickGlass is a new tool that can generate an apk that responds to

Google Glass Development Kit

Google Glass is a device that is pretty much running on a customized version of Android. This is a good thing for all you Android developers out there because Glass uses a lot of the familiar Android APIs. But, even though the APIs are familiar, the

Google Glass Emulators

Sadly, Google Glass isn't available for everyone yet which puts developers in a little pickle. There are many developers out there that would like to get their hands on Google Glass, but either can't afford it or just didn't get an invitation. What d

Google Glass Communication Apps

The apps store for Google Glass is all set for its launching by early 2014.The upcoming apps of Google Glass are amazing and plenty. Google Glass applications are free applications built by third party developers. However, Video conferencing, voice c

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List of Smart Glasses