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Google Glass Development Kit

Google Glass is a device that is pretty much running on a customized version of Android. This is a good thing for all you Android developers out there because Glass uses a lot of the familiar Android APIs. But, even though the APIs are familiar, the

Google Glass Communication Apps

The apps store for Google Glass is all set for its launching by early 2014.The upcoming apps of Google Glass are amazing and plenty. Google Glass applications are free applications built by third party developers. However, Video conferencing, voice c

Shopping Apps for Google Glass

There are plenty of apps developed for Google Glass app store by third parties. The developers have almost covered every segment and created great apps for Google Glass. There are a large number of satisfied Google Glass users. However, Shopping is o

Google Glass Blogger App

There is great speculation on Google Glass wearable technology in the market. The Google Glass tiny computing gadget is still in its beta phase and waiting for its launch. It is expected that this wearable technology to arrive in the market by early

Google Glass Development Kit – Android SDK

Various Google Glass Development Kit (GDK) is still on its way. However, the ones used to mould the advanced Glass in its present form are highly effective. Experts are working on effective kits for Glass Development that would allow building Glasswa

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