Google Glass Communication Apps

The apps store for Google Glass is all set for its launching by early 2014.The upcoming apps of Google Glass are amazing and plenty. Google Glass applications are free applications built by third party developers. However, Video conferencing, voice calls and text messages are all key capabilities of Google Glass. With plenty of amazing apps Glass is ready to win the heart of its users. Since its launching the new communication apps of Google glass has attracted a lot of recognition.


Google Glass is now equipped with an app that puts latest and breaking news in front of your eyes known as WatchUp. At its initital stage the app will feature highly selected content from premium news sources. Watchup is the only video app that has been constantly featured in the news category of iPad app store.  Now WatchUp has come to glass as the developers believe that wearable revolution has just begun and wearable will definitely reshape the way people enjoy information. The app facilitates watching videos, scrolling through headlines, see photos and also get summaries of articles. Another latest such app for Google Glass is named People+. The app provide professionals with relevant information that help them better understands. People+ is an intelligent curated directory of people and companies. This unique app facilitates looking up people and companies you are doing business with.

One of the main benefits of the new technologies for Glass is the largest employee productivity by the possibility to automate and simplify many tasks of creating, handling, distribution and management of data and information.

The distribution of Google Glass prototypes to some universities has allowed the scopes study of the class. These areas are so numerous as there are many activities that can take full advantage of the innovative features of the new Google product.