How to create Menu Items for Timeline Cards in Google Glass

We already saw how to create timeline cards for better user interactivity, now let’s take on new stuff about how we should create good menu items that will let users to interact with the timeline. With the term interaction we mean managing user’s content on Glass’s timeline by adding items and content or removing them. Mirror API as we talked earlier gives you control over how to build this menu items using your own or using built-in menus.

Google has defined set of guidelines for developers who want to design menu items for their Google Glass app. According to Google, you can specify an icon which have 50 x 50 pixel image and display name can contain only few words and final display should look like an icon along with display name.

menu item photo

Menu Items for removing content from user’s timeline

If user wishes to remove any content from their timelines, Menu item would provide them this facility using two well-known methods named Dismiss and Delete. Generally speaking about timeline cards, the current cards will automatically pushed back as the new cards generate, so there seems no use of “Dismiss” menu item as it will only remove the timeline card from the timeline. On contrary, other option called “Delete” menu item will only dismiss the timeline card and will delete all the related content wherever it is stored.

Developers would surely like to take care of both the functions – Dismiss and Delete, since they might create lot of confusion to the users if mounted incorrectly.

Sharing content with your friends

If user has a friend who also has a Google Glass, this option will smooth their experience while sharing contents with each other. Here contacts is a person with which user can share content. Some guidelines laid by Google suggests that you need use 640 x 360 pixel icon as the contacts will appear in full screen entity. You should also take care by implementing hash-tags like “#throughglass” and labels like “sent through glass”, former option is used when sharing photos and videos publically whereas, later option will be tagged along with content used for mailing.

 Source: UI guidelines