JustinMind Prototyper: Rapid Prototyping Tool for Glass

As a developer you spend most of your time either creating an application for clients or for yourself. New ideas come every day, but you can’t simply throw an app together without some sort of preparation. Creating an application from scratch with no prototyping could lead to a non-user-friendly disaster and could end up being a huge waste of time. And, we can’t forget that time is money.

There is this one tool in particular that can help you build amazing prototypes for Google Glass. The tool is called “JustinMind Prototyper”, and it has a plethora of features that any Google Glass developer can enjoy. I should mention that you have to install a Google widget library to build prototypes for the device, but that doesn’t make this software any less awesome.

With JustinMind Prototyper you can create a prototype by just dragging and dropping. Obviously, you will need to click some things occasionally, but really everything you need is readily available right in front of you. Things like gestures, events, interactions, and if / then condition can all be inserted within a few click and without code. You even get a head start when it comes to building a prototype because the Widget library includes a wide variety of already made cards.

Creating a prototype isn’t the only thing that JustinMind Prototyper makes easy, it also makes testing and sharing the prototype incredibly easy. With JustinMind Prototyper, you can test the prototype on your computer, or you can even test it on Google Glass. Not only that, but JustinMind can help you quickly publish your prototype to many cloud services so that you can get feedback from customers, and users. If you want to, you can even export all the information about your prototype to a MS Word document.

Really, this is a pretty unique tool. We mentioned a little prototype builder called GlassSim in a different post not too long ago, but that site / tool has nowhere near the same amount of power that this software has. Sadly, JustinMind Prototyper isn’t free.

With that said, JustinMind Prototyper is a tool that you might want to look into if you are looking to save some time and money in the long run. It has an amazing set of features, and I’m definitely doing it a slight disservice in this post. Click here to learn more about JustinMind Prototyper 

So, are any of you developers out there using this to build prototypes? Do you like the software, or is there something better in your arsenal? Feel free to share your thoughts about this software, or maybe even list some of the tools you use during your prototype / app building process,  in the comment section down below