QuickGlass: Easy Voice Triggers

Google Glass voice commands are extremely handy. Voice commands can be hard to use in crowded areas, but if you’re in a decently quiet room they work great and are awesome to use.

Okay Glass Take A Picture

QuickGlass is a new tool that can generate an apk that responds to a voice trigger of your choosing and will do the actions you choose. The tool requires you to fill in a few little form areas for the app name, voice trigger, and the voice prompt. There is also an html input box that needs to be edited a bit so that the APK generated is actually useful.

This tool is beginner friendly, but you definitely need to know some html, and javascript to get more than a website redirect done.

“This tool will generate an APK that responds to a voice trigger of your choosing, with actions of your choosing. It’s quick and easy, even for beginners.

This is useful if you need to, say, pull up a quick webpage or make an AJAX call to a remote.

It’s pure HTML, and redirects, JavaScript, etc., will work.”

You can view card examples here. It’s an interesting tool and we’re sure some of you can find a use for it. You can find QuickGlass on OkSass.com.

Do you have any thoughts to share about this tool? If you do, then feel free to post them in the comments down below!