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GlassUp Accessories I Would Buy

GlassUp, a Google Glass competitor, is going to start shipping out in February. It probably won't be too long after that before we start seeing the emergence of accessories for the device. It is possible that the device might come with some simple ac

What Types of Apps Will Come to GlassUp?

GlassUp is going to start shipping to buyers in February, which means it won't be too long before we start seeing apps being developed for it. While GlassUp is a smart headset, the things that you see on it are read only and you won't be able to resp

What is GlassUp?

GlassUp is a headset that allows you to view things like incoming e-mails, text messages, tweets and Facebook updates in an unobtrusive manner. With GlassUp notifications are displayed in your field of view for a few seconds. Unlike Google Glass, the

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