What is GlassUp?

GlassUp is a headset that allows you to view things like incoming e-mails, text messages, tweets and Facebook updates in an unobtrusive manner. With GlassUp notifications are displayed in your field of view for a few seconds. Unlike Google Glass, these notifications are read-only, which means that you can’t reply to them via ways such as voice commands, but there’s a reason for that.

The main purpose of GlassUp isn’t to be a device that replaces your phone, but rather to be a device that helps you stay up-to-date with the world without needing you to constantly reach for your phone and needing you to look away from what you’re doing. Basically, it’s meant to help keep your phone in your pocket and help keep you doing what you’re doing. So, for example, if you’re driving to work and your girlfriend sends you a text saying you forgot your lunch, then you will be able to see it without reaching for your phone and taking your eyes off the road.

GlassUp is currently only a prototype, but it is going to:

  • Weigh 70 grams.
  • Run an on board OS.
  • Have 3 sensors (accelerometer, compass, and an ambient light sensor).
  • Have bluetooth connectivity.
  • Have a 320×240 display resolution.
  • Have a touch pad.
  • Have a prescription option available.

Also, the device is going to support most phone OS’ including Android, iOS and Windows.

There are four different versions of GlassUp that you can order, which are all cheaper than Google Glass. Currently, you can preorder a regular version of GlassUp for three hundred, a camera version of GlassUp for four hundred, a prescription version of GlassUp for four hundred dollars, or a prescription camera version of GlassUp for five hundred dollars. While all the versions of GlassUp might be cheaper, GlassUp isn’t as feature-packed as Google Glass – and that’s the main reason it costs less. Still, GlassUp seems like a pretty handy headset.

Check out the GlassUp website if you’re interested in preordering or learning more about the device.

What do you think about GlassUp? Do you see yourself picking up one? Do you think this is a good entry-headset that might get more people interested in glass?