Golden-i Gen 3.8

Here at we try to give every pair of smart glasses a little bit of coverage. One of our latest discoveries while looking around for different smart glasses was the Golden-i Gen 3.8 headset.

The Golden-i Gen 3.8 headset doesn’t look like your average pair of a smart glasses at all. It looks more like something you would see in a budget sci-fi movie. They don’t look bad or anything, but the company did take an unusual approach when it came to design.

Golden-i Gen 3.8

Golden-i Gen 3.8 is designed to be used by technicians, and other people who need their hands to be free while they are working on something. This is why the display of Golden-i can be moved to different positions, so that it can be there when needed, but not in the way when the wearer needs to work.

Golden-i Gen 3.8 has several useful features including:

  • The ability to view schematics and diagrams.
  • Golden-i can open and reader Microsoft Office documents.
  • The ability to watch instructional videos.
  • It can send real-time images and video feed to remote locations.
  • Golden-i can be used to hold video conferences with multiple parties.
  • Can receive notifications and alerts.

The headset features a 15-inch virtual laptop-size qHD microdisplay, which can be adjusted to be used below the left or right eye. Gen 3.8 also has 9-axis tracking technology with a digital compass and GPS. The device comes with speech recognition software with two noise-cancellation microphones – the software supports over 38 languages.

Besides that, the device has bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB connectivity, 3D graphics, an 18650 battery that can last eight hours, and a 14MP Camera. The device has a lot packed inside it, but surprisingly it only weighs a measly 4.5 ounces.

Unlike most smart glasses, the Golden-i Gen 3.8 does not run Android. Golden-i headsets run a custom operating system called Gi-OS. Gi-OS has a high performance hardware accelerate graphics subsystem built using OpenGL. Some of the default applications on Gi-OS include:

  • Media Player
  • E-mail Center
  • File Explorer
  • Web Browser
  • Camera Viewer
  • Telephone Dialer

The default applications aren’t the only apps that are available for the device. The device has a few other applications called Police Pro and Firefight Pro so that emergency services can get started with the device as soon as they get it. There is also an application called LifeBoard that allows users to customize Golden-i to suit their individual needs.

Even though the device runs a custom operating system, the device does have an SDK for app development. With that said, I’m not sure how much harder it is to developer for Golden-i compared to other smart glasses.

Currently, I can find no information about what the device might cost. I do know that Kopin is looking to license Golden-i Gen 3.8 Technology to companies that might want it.

So, what do you think about this pair of smart glasses? Do you like the look and design of it? Would you ever wear a pair of smart glasses like this on a job? Please share your thoughts in the comment section down below!