3D Printed Google Glass Adapter: Save Hundreds on Frames

As we all know, Google is selling their own Google Glass compatible frames for prescription lenses, but they’re pretty expensive. Google Glass frames cost $225+ and that doesn’t include lenses. That’s a lot of money for a developer or Explorer who could barely scrape up enough to get the device in the first place.

Google Glass Adapter

Well, a simple 3D printed adapter can save an Explorer hundreds of dollars. The adapter costs about $1 in materials and allows Explorers to attach the Google Glass display to any pair of existing prescription frames. The adapter is just a simple plastic clip, but it works well from what we see in the demo video and from what several Explorers have said.

To use the adapter and to attach Google Glass to prescription frames, Explorers will need to disassemble their Google Glass headset, which requires one screw to be loosened.

Even if the adapter requires the removal of a screw, it does save an Explorer $224. It does need to be 3D printed, so those who don’t have a 3D printer might need to spend a little more to have it 3D printed by a friend or by a company who does 3D printing. Still, some big savings for those who are willing to take their device apart.

Here is the Google Glass adapter demo:

You can find the documentation and the files for the adapter on this page.