Since Google Glass has been released there have been a ton of worries about privacy. Well, one person took it upon themselves to make a solution for Google Glass to help comfort those who might worry about privacy while being around someone with the device. This Google Glass accessory is called GlassKap.


What is GlassKap?

GlassKap is a simple, plastic lens cover for Google Glass. GlassKap comes in very noticeable colors so that the people around you know that your lens is covered and that it would be nearly impossible for you to capture anything with the device.

What Colors?

GlassKap comes in red, blue grey, and black.

How is GlassKap Made?

GlassKap are 3D printed and made completely out of nylon. After GlassKap is printed, they are tumbled, dyed and shipped to your location.

Even More

Besides just a lens cover, the GlassKap creator has made many other Google Glass attachments.

This includes:

  • An On Air Sign
  • Wearable Planter – Literally grow plants on your glass frame.
  • Pencil Holder
  • Crosshair – Really weird one, but would still be fun to have.
  • Screen Protector – Protects display from getting scratched.

How Much Does GlassKap Cost?

I was unable to find the cost of GlassKap. Considering it just had a successful kickstarter a few months back, it might be a little while longer before we see a retail price. With that said, people who pledged $20 got a GlassKap so I would expect it to be somewhere around that price!

Check out GlassKap yourself here.