GlassLight: A Voice-Controlled Flashlight for Google Glass

Adafruit is doing some pretty amazing things. They’ve created a DIY Smart Glasses tutorial, created a clip that allows you to attach Google Glass to any pair of prescription glasses, and they are even selling a Google Glass voice-controlled flashlight called ‘GlassLight’.


The human eyes are pretty unreliable in the dark, we all know this. There’s always going to be a moment in your life where you’re in the dark, squinting your eyes trying to see something. Well, thanks to adafruit you will no longer have to squint your weak human eyes to see in the dark. Thanks to ThinkCreate and adafruit, you can attach a flashlight to Google Glass and see everything you want by saying a voice command.

GlassLight is a flashlight that plugs into the USB port on Google Glass, and is toggled by an application / voice command. After sideloading an application and plugging in the flashlight, simply saying “Okay Glass, Toggle Flashlight” will turn on the flashlight. The same command is used to turn off the flashlight.


The flashlight costs $30, which is pretty reasonable considering almost every other Google Glass accessory costs more. While the flashlight is pretty cool in itself, the coolest thing about this project is that all the code for it is on github and any Android developer can use the code to create an app.

If you’re interested in getting a Google Glass voice-controlled flashlight, then you can head on over to the adafruit store. They are currently out of stock, but there is a form where you can submit your information to receive a notification once they are available again.

Are you going to get yourself a GlassLight once they are in stock? Let us know in the comments section down below!