Google Glass Pouch

By default, your pair of Google Glass should come with a carrying pouch. This poor little pouch is surprisingly overlooked even though it’s probably the most handy accessory for Google Glass. Without the Google Glass Pouch, you don’t have any place to set your glass while you’re not using it. This poor little pouch protects your expensive gadgets and all you do is neglect it! Anyway, let’s take a slightly more in-depth look at this accessory that’s taken for granted every day!


What’s the Google Glass Pouch Made of?

The Google Glass pouch is made completely from Japanese micro-fibre that was made from recycled materials. These micro-fibres allow the Google Glass Pouch to be extremely lightweight while still being durable enough to protect your Google Glass from the outside world.

Is the Pouch Waterproof?

There really isn’t any reliable information on the Google Glass Pouch being waterproof. With that said, we spilled water on our own pouch and barely any liquid managed to get through. So, your device might be protected against small spills while it’s in the pouch, but we can’t guarantee that it will be able to survive a tsunami of water.

What’s the Cost of an Extra Google Glass Pouch?

The current cost of an extra Google Glass pouch is $50 if you buy it through the Glass store. If you’re interested in buying a new pouch, then you can head over to this link.

Any Cheap Alternatives to the Official Pouch?

There are many cheaper alternatives to the Google Glass Pouch. Many people have even found hard cases/pouches that Google Glass can fit in. If you’re interested in finding such things, then look up “DIY Google Glass case” or similar.