Google Glass Shades and shields

Out of Box, Google Glass comes with the shades but does not come with the shield. The shade is meant to help improve the usability of Google Glass outdoors by allowing you to see the Google Glass screen better while also hiding what you’re doing.


How Do I attach a Shade or Shield to Google Glass?

First, you need to align the shade outward so that it will wrap around the front of Google Glass’ frame.

Second, you need to tilt the shade so that the black cushion, along the top of shade, and nose bridge will slide over Glass’ nose stems.

Next, you need to slide the shade  so that it is on the outside of the nose stems and the black cushion is on the inside of the nose stems.

After that, you can walk outside and enjoy the sun with your cool shades!

If you need more help attaching a shade or shield to Google Glass, then check out this support guide. 

How Much Does a Shield or Replacement Shade Cost?

Currently in the Google accessory shop a replacement shade will cost you about $175. That’s quite a lot for some shades, in my opinion. If you’re looking to buy a clear shield, then you can catch them in the shop for $75.

Who Makes The Shades?

The shades were created in partnership with Maui Jim and Zeal optics. I’m assuming the shields were made by the same people or by Google themselves.