Mono Earbud

As most of you know, Google Glass uses a bone conduction system for delivering sounds. This system for sound delivery isn’t that bad, but it can sometimes be a little hard to hear in noisy areas. Well, guess what?

You will never have to worry about that again, because Google Glass 2 comes with a mono earbud. The earbud connects to Google Glass with a micro USB port and has just enough cable to reach your ear. This micro USB mono earbud will make it a lot easier for you to hear Glass when you are having a phone or are in a hangout.


I broke my mono earbud … how much does it cost to replace?

A new mono earbud is going to cost you $50 in the Google accessory shop.

Can I use my own headphones instead of the Mono Earbud?

Yes, there is a way that you can make an adapter so that you can use whatever pair of headphones you want. The thing is that this “hack” requires you to use a soldering iron and you’ll also need to buy some other stuff as well. So, if you’re not into tinkering with stuff, then you’re out of luck and can’t really use any other headphones.

But, if you don’t mind buying a few things and tinkering around, then take a peek at this guide.