Stereo Earbuds

Google Glass comes with the mono earbud by default. The mono earbud is included to help with phone and video calls in crowded areas. Still, as handy as this mono earbud might be, some people don’t like the look of it and others don’t like hearing sounds through just one ear. Luckily for these people, there is stereo earbuds available specifically for Google Glass.

Google Glass Stereo Earbuds

How Much Are Stereo Earbuds for Google Glass?

Stereo earbuds that are designed specifically for Google Glass costs eighty-five dollars in the Google Glass shop.

Any Customization?

Surprisingly there is a little bit of customization when it comes to the stereo earbuds for Google Glass. When you buy stereo earbuds they come with five interchangeable color caps. Not a whole lot of customization, but you can mix-match them to make your own look.

Can I Use My Own Headphones?

There is a way that you can rig some things together so that you can use your own headphones, but it requires some steps that I don’t most people are willing to do. If you’re into soldering and don’t mind making your own adapter, then you can get your own headphones working on Google Glass. Otherwise, you’re pretty much out of luck.

You can learn more about the steps and process here.