FAQ About the Google Glass Battery and Charge Time

Every day new people are receiving an invite and are thinking about getting into the Explorer program so that they can test out Google Glass. While most of the people who are receiving an invite have already done extensive research about the device, many still have a few questions that they want answered before they make their purchase. I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about the Google Glass battery on Google+ and Reddit lately, so I decided I would answer some of the more common ones. So, here are the most frequently asked questions about the Google Glass battery.

How long does the battery last with normal use?

The battery life isn’t as terrible as most people would think and it’s actually comparable to the average smart phone. After fully charging, discharging and recharging, Google Glass can last a good 5-6 hours depending on how heavy your usage is. Now, if you are taking pictures and recording video all day, then you can expect the battery life to pretty much disappear before your eyes.

Can I Get a Full Day Out of Glass?

Yes, and no. If you’re not using Google Glass a ton throughout the day, then you can probably get it to last all day. With that said, most people, including myself, usually have to take a moment and let Google Glass charge for a bit in the middle of the day.

If you really need Google Glass to last throughout the whole day, then you should consider preordering something like GazerGlass, which is an attachment that can pretty much triple the battery life of Google Glass.

How Long Does it Take to Recharge Glass?

Recharging Google Glass actually takes very little time and only takes about an hour or so to recharge from 0 percent.

Can Google Glass be used while it’s being charged?

I doubt you will find it convenient to use while it is charging, but yes you can use Google Glass while it is charging. The cable makes it slightly uncomfortable to use, but using the device while it’s charging won’t cause it to explode or anything.

Can I Charge Google Glass with a 1A car USB port?

We all forget to charge our devices from time to time, and a lot of us are saved by 1A car USB ports. For those of you who have a bad habit of forgetting to charge your gadgets while at home, then there’s nothing to worry about because Google Glass can be charged from an 1A car USB port just like a phone.

Can I Extend the Battery Life of Google Glass?

Yes, you can. Not too far above, I mentioned an accessory called GazerGlass, which can almost triple the battery life of Google Glass. GazerGlass isn’t the only attachment for Google Glass that can help extend your battery life. There’s also another attachment called PWRGlass, which can pretty much triple your battery life as well.


Those are all the battery related questions that I see being asked by people who are thinking about purchasing Google Glass. It’s not surprising that a lot of people are concerned about the battery considering a lot of us can’t even get our phones to make it through the day.

Anyway, if you see someone asking about battery life, then feel free to link them to this post. Also, if you think of anything that I should add to this FAQ, then post about it in the comments.

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February 5, 2014