Google Glass 2.0 Voice Command List

It is true the present version of Google Glass is nerdy as hell. You won’t may like it wearing. Considering such feelings the Web giant recently updated its XE10 and Android Police tech blog has found some intriguing features that are hidden in the new codes.

Google Glass 2.0 Voice Command List

According to the blog, Google Glass now has got some new voice commands to make the next generation Glass work more smoothly. Below is the list:

  • Add a Calendar Event
  • Call Me a Car
  • Capture a Panorama
  • Check Me In
  • Create a 3D Model
  • Find a Recipe
  • Learn a Song
  • Play a Game
  • Play Music
  • Record a Recipe
  • Remind Me To…
  • Show a Compass
  • Start a Bike Ride
  • Start a Round of Golf
  • Start a Run
  • Start a Stopwatch
  • Start a Timer
  • Translate This
  • Tune an Instrument

The “Call Me a Car” command may integrate with Uber, which is now owned by Google. If the geolocation of the gadget is turned on, the taxi may appear in your current location.

The “Translate This” command integrate with the ongoing research into artificial intelligence and speech recognition of Google in real-time language translation.

Similarly the “Show a Compass” ties with the transit apps and “Tune an instrument” incorporates with the virtual reality and real-life, physical actions of the Glass.

Android Police also points out that the Google Glass may also become a wearable remote control while you are playing music.

There are lots to come from Google by the time its Glass is commercially launched early next year. Stay tuned.