Google Glass Camera Zoom

Zooming in on something using the Google Glass camera is not possible by default. Very disappointing, but there’s really not much you can do about it besides installing some applications that add this functionality.

 Google Glass Camera Zoom

There are currently three applications that you can install on Google Glass to add the ability to zoom. Two of them just add a zoom feature and the other one adds a few more features besides the ability to zoom. Here are the apps that you can install to get the ability to zoom in using the Google Glass camera.

Note: You will need to compile these apps to install them. If you have no idea how to compile an app for Google Glass, then take a peek at this guide.

Magnify for Glass

Just a simple zoom app for Google Glass. After you install Magnify for Glass, you can use the touch pad to zoom.

Smart Camera

This app allows you to preview and zoom before taking a picture, and also gives you the option to upload the picture to Google Drive after it is taken.

Camera Zoom

This is the oldest application out of the list. It’s very simple and just adds the ability to zoom … nothing special.

Be warned that having the ability to zoom on Google Glass seems pretty cool and all, but it’s actually not that great. The optical zoom on the camera is not that effective, so picture quality begins to degrade the more you zoom. With that said, feel free to install the applications above if you really think you would enjoy being able to zoom.

Do you know of any other Camera/Zoom apps for Google Glass? If you do, please share them in the comment section down below so we can add them to the above list.