Google Glasses – How Do They Work?

Google Glasses – How Do They Work?

With the introduction of the consumer version of Google Glass in the market, devices like smart phones and tablets will become obsolete. This device will introduce a new method for computing. The user interface is voice – driven and hence there is no need for keyboards. This device will overlay what you see around you with relevant information about it.  This information will be beamed to your retina using the prism which receives it from the projector placed inside the lens.  Google Glass has all the parts of the computer such as CPU, sensors, GPS, microphone, speakers, battery, etc. To these, a tiny projector and prism are added to redirect the light to the retina. All the components are well hidden in the frame.  The processing of data occurs in Cloud and hence mobile broadband signal is necessary.

Google Glasses - How Do They Work

To start using this device, all you need to do is to just tap the frame of the glass. You will reach the home screen where the wallpaper will be the real life scene you are looking at. To issue a command, you just tap the frame again and say “OK Glass”. After this, you can give any order such as “Take a Picture” if you want the glass to take a picture of what you see or “Record Video”, depending on your need. You can share the video just by giving a voice command. You can find your way if you are lost in an unknown place with Google glass as it has the Super GPS navigating device. So, with the use of just voice commands you will be able to command the Glass to get details of anything that you need.

Google Glasses - How Do They Work 2

Computer screen appears in the right eye of the user and controls are not from the mouse, but voice messages and by touching a point on the frame. The prototype was created by Google in 2011. The gadget provides access to the Internet, but can also be used to record images as we’ve said earlier. For example, on June 21, 2013 , the Spanish surgeon Pedro Guillen used Google Glass to film and broadcast a live surgery.

This year, Google is interested in cooperation with specialized companies, so that the device can be used with lenses with diopters for people who normally need eyeglasses. Although the device was not received as well as Google expected, and production is still limited, mainly due to high costs, Google Glass remains an impressive invention. Time magazine said in November 2012 that this device is “one of the best inventions of the year” with NASA’s Curiosity robot.